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In France too, there is an obligation to insure motor vehicles. French car insurance can only be subscribed if the vehicle has a French registration and a French official registration number. Vehicles used by tax residents in France must be registered and insured. The cost of car insurance for young drivers is much higher! This is due to the high loss rate of young drivers. As a result, some insurance companies no longer insure drivers under the age of 23.

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What does motor insurance cover in France?

The liability insurance (Responsabilité Civile) covers the claims for damages incurred by third parties in the event of an accident.

What does partial insurance in France include?

In France, partial insurance applies only to fire, theft, broken glass and emergency aid. In addition to theft of the entire vehicle, theft insurance also replaces thefts of fixed parts and, to a certain extent, radio and communication equipment.

What does comprehensive insurance in France include?

The comprehensive insurance (Tous Risques) is almost identical to the British (or other countries) one. Here, too, insurance can be subscribed without or with a deductible. Fire, theft, broken glass and emergency assistance are then covered.
It is important to note that most insurance companies in France take over the no claim discount from Great Britain and other countries. In France, it is also necessary to keep documents such as driving license, the last payment of the police contribution and the accident report (constat amiable) in the vehicle. As well as yellow vests, depending on the number of occupants.

What is fundamentally different in French car insurance?

In most countries, the damage suffered by the injured road user is covered by the insurer of the faulty driver. In France, this is regulated differently. The so-called ‘Convention’ is a framework agreement for all car insurers registered in France and provides for the self-harming party to be compensated by his own insurance.

What to do after an accident?

The victim reports the damage to his insurance company. This then coordinates with the insurance of the opponent of the accident and clarifies the question of guilt. The victim then takes his car to a workshop of his trust. Here, his insurer sends an expert to determine the amount of the damage with the workshop.

What to do in case of damage?

Both opponents of the accident must fill in and sign the “Constat Amiable”. Be sure to add the required sketch, making it easier for insurers to process it later. Photos are always useful, too. If the question of guilt is not clear, the police should definitely be called in. Please note that French law requires that the accident site be cleared, if possible, if current traffic is obstructed. Police (and ambulance) will only come if someone is injured.

How does the standard accident report look like?

It is also required to carry a standard accident report (Constat Amiable). A translation of the individual positions can be found below. Both parties enter their data and submit their written observations on the question of guilt. This report will be signed by both parties and submitted to the respective insurer.

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Liability insurance
Personal injury (medical costs for personal injury; disability/pain allowance) Damage to property (repairs to other vehicles / objects e.g. guardrail) Pure financial losses

Partial insurance

Fire Breakage Theft (theft of the entire vehicle and fixed parts at a certain percentage – including radio and communication equipment)

Full insurance

With or without excess Damage to your own vehicle

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